The Road To Success

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Well, in my world football is the main highlight of my life. There are many goals to obtain in this sport. Goals are standards people set for themselves and hope to obtain. As of right now, my goals are beating Collinsville, injuring their quarterback, and winning the state championship.

One of my short-term goals is beating Collinsville this Friday. We will need to play good defense. If we play as a team, we can beat them bad. With Adam at fullback and Phillip at receiver, they should watch out for us. We are hot and on a four-game winning streak.

Injuring Collinsville's quarterback is another short-term goal I would like to reach. I have a desire to injure their quarterback so that we can have an easy victory. I will have to lay him down hard every time. I am going to hit him every chance I get.

I am going to knock him out.

If we continue winning, we have a chance at the state title. In order to win the title, we must play as a whole. We cannot argue among ourselves. Our offensive line is going to have to block well. If all these things happen for us, we will have a good chance at winning the game.

Beating Collinsville and injuring their quarterback are all short-term goals that lead up to winning the championship. With the right attitude and desire, we can accomplish anything. Goals are important to people to have. These goads are just a few stepping stones in the road to success.