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"ROAD TRIP" My friends and I decided to take a road trip up the Kalama River, into the mountains. We didn't know exactly where to go but we knew we wanted to go up the River Road. Eric and I were thinking of who to take with us.

"How about Ryan?," asked Eric.

I said "Sure, why not." A few minutes passed, then Phil pulled up with Braiden, Kyle and Jeff.

We all got into a circle and played hacky sack, and talked about who was bringing the tent, the wood, and all the necessities for one full night with seven teenagers. When we got everything straightened out, we talked about which vehicles to take. It ended up that we would take Braiden's Bronco and my Mustang.

When we got up the river, past Gobar Creek, up into the boonies, we set up our tent. Once we got everything unpacked, we set out for firewood.

About thirty minutes had past and we scrounged up plenty of wood for the night then set up our chairs, and had ourselves a fire.

"I'm going to go over to the far bank to get some more firewood," said Phil.

"How long are you going to be?," I asked.

"Hmmm, I should be back in about ten, maybe fifteen minutes at the most." Everyone was sitting down at the camp fire listening to music, and having a blast. We started to play a game of truth or dare, but we noticed that Phil wasn't there. But we just figured that he was still getting wood or something. Once we got into the game time flew by like it was nothing. But there was still no sign of Phil anywhere. So Eric and I went to look for him and see if he was still over by the bank. When we got there their was no sign of Phil anywhere. So we proceeded to look around the area.

Everyone at the camp fire was still playing truth or dare, and someone must have got dared to run up to the power line and back, cause I could hear someone running. A couple minutes later I heard a scream, it sounded like it was Kyle, so everyone ran up the hill to see what the problem was.

Phil was up in the middle of the power lines laying there with his face all scraped up. It kinda looked like they were scratches from a big animal.

"Everyone calm down!," I yelled.

Ryan and I picked Phil up and carried him down to the bronco to lay him down in the back. Phil wasn't looking to good, and he couldn't talk very well. Once we wiped the blood off of his face he looked a little better.

"What happened?," I asked.

"Well I was just getting some more wood and all the sudden"¦"¦WHAM!, I hit the ground looked back and all I could see was the rear end of a coyote or something," Phil stuttered.

It was about 2:30a.m. and Phil and Kyle went to bed so all that was up was Ryan, Eric, Jeff, Braiden, and me. We all decided to go for a quick drive in the 4x4 country. We drove up Gobar Creek and found a nice spot. While we were 4x4'in we didn't realize that the front left tire was going flat. Once we finally did it was a little to late. So we ended up getting stuck fixing a flat out in the middle of nowhere. Well about twenty minutes later we were back on the road to the camp site.

Once we got back, we couldn't agree where we were going to sleep. So we did paper, rock, scissors, for the tent and who ever lost had to sleep with Phill in the Bronco. Well, unfortunately, Braiden got the privilege of sleeping with Phil. The rest of us got into the tent and ate on some munchies for a little while, then we went to sleep.

Early in the morning, we all got up and packed everything and got ready to head out. This road trip wasn't the best that I have been on but you have to realize that any road trip you take there will always be something cool that will happen, and you will remember it forever.

What was cool about this particular trip was that we got to go 4x4'in in the mud, and then get trapped there because of a flat tire.