The "Roaring Twenties"

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President Woodrow Wilson returned to America after the Treaty of Versailles in July 1920, this treaty was mostly made to take actions against Germany because of all the damage that was done to countries like Britain and France during WWI, which wanted to take harsh actions on Germany and so they did. The reparations that Germany had to do were basically impossible to accomplish. Although Wilson not only cared about the actions that had to be taken upon Germany, he also made 14 points, all involving reparations, peace and land. His most important point was that of making a League of Nations to solve conflicts without armed actions.

The approval of the US joining the League had to be made by the senate, but some political parties within the Senate such as one lead by Henry Cabot Lodge opposed to the proposed membership of the League, they were known as Isolationist Parties.

Wilson decided to make a tour of the US and make speeches to gain support from the people to join the League. In November 1919 and March 1920 the senate voted against United States membership of the League, instead they strictly followed a policy of isolationism. Although the war was over the losses of WWI were not justified and the US did not want this to happen again

In the 1920s there was a huge American economic boom, this were known as times of Universal Prosperity, the US became incredibly rich, the GNP increased from 73.3 billion US dollars to 104.4 billion. There were various reasons for the boom, but there were six specific ones. Size and Economic

Wealth of the US, the population in the 1920s was of 106.4 million compared to 41 million in Britain. The Impact of the 1st WW had great significance since...