The Roaring Twenties.

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Roaring means loud, noisy, busy, active, deafening, or thunderous. That one word sums up everything that happened in the 1920's. Some call the 1920s the roaring 20s. I personally think so because the war had just ended and many soldiers were returning. As the soldiers were coming back from the war, people had a sense of settling down and enjoying life. The significance of this time period was that it affected the way we live today. Our lives have changed because of women's rights, new inventions and entertainment of the "roaring" twenties. The 20's were very prosperous for businessmen, their employees and the liberation of Canadian women. Sports, movies, and jazz became big in the recreational times of the 1920s. The "Roaring Twenties" were times of the second industrial revolution. It took place at the end of World War I. A great invention that had a huge effect on the economy was the automobile.

The automobile, which was a very significant invention of the 1920's, changed the way people lived. For so long Canada had been a silent colony of the mighty British Empire. After World War One, who would deny us a little roaring? Canada was a proud and strong nation - and we were all ready to cheer ourselves on.

By the mid-1920s, the economy started to turn around in Canada. Farmers enjoyed bumper crops from 1925 to 1928. In the 1920's there was a huge demand of newsprint in America. The production of newsprint became the Canada's largest industry after agriculture. Export of Canadian pulpwood equalled total pulp export s from rest of the world. To cope up with increasing demand of electricity Canada increased its production. Also in October 1924, oil resources were explored in Alberta. In 1920s large deposits of copper were found in the...