The Roaring Twenties

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Ashley Sams!

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February 15, 3013!

The Roaring Twenties!

! The Roaring Twenties happened from 1919 till 1929. World War I had just ended

and people began to enjoy their freedom and the joy of peace. During this time is when

American society started to change. Businesses began making commercial products

instead of supplying military goods. Women started to want more during this time, and

education became the focus for the youth and young adults. This is only a start to the

changes that the twenties brought to America.!

! After a short recession following the war, the United States economy began to

come back. Once it was back it created new opportunities for most people, the middle

class grew larger. The people were able to buy new household items. They were able

to purchase the new Model T car. Cities began to build skyscrapers and high-rise

apartment buildings. These changes were when people started to feel like they could

have anything they wanted.!

! The women wanted so much more. When the soldiers were gone during the war

the women took their place in the factories and businesses. However they did not want

to quit their jobs there when the soldiers returned home. This was a long battle to

decide if the women should be able to stay in their jobs or return to the ways it was

before. Because of this it lead to women earning the right to vote in 1920.!


Sams 2! ! In 1929 the great crash happened to the stock market. Do to the increase in

credit purchases the consumer businesses produced and sold more. People were

mortgaging their homes to get cash to buy stocks with. But the market...