Rob Dyrdek Name? Nick name? Rob Dyrdek, AKA DAX(as Jason

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Rob Dyrdek Name? Nick name? Rob Dyrdek, AKA DAX(as Jason Dill would call me).

Where were you born? Round on both sides and high in the middle (Ohio).

Goofy or regular foot? Goofy, but come on, is there really a stance these days.

Skateboard set up specs? I ride nothing but a 31.1x7.4 SEEK board, Orion 5.0 "Ultimate" trucks cranked down nice and tight, and Reflex bearings in 50mm wheels only.

Where are you from? The old school.

Where do you live? I have a crib by myself in downtown SD [San Diego] and a crib with DC and Alien teammate, Anthony Van Englen, in LA.

Sponsors? DC, SEEK, DUB Street Wear, Orion Trucks and Reflex Bearings.

How long have you been skating? 15 years strong… I'm a lifer.

Favorite trick? Lately it's been the switch crooks at top speed… but it could be the 180 to switch crooks… that might be the funnest trick in skateboarding.

Favorite terrain? I love nothing more than perfect natural rails with no cracks.

Favorite place to skate? Got to be the TF. Could there possibly be a better place to skate than your own skatepark? Who do you like to session with? I love skating with Caine Gayle, Kalis, Van Englen; all my homies at the TF.

How often do you skate? Every single day like a bad habit, unless the streets brake me off too hard.

Most memorable skateboarding experience? Has to be a month after I started skating. I saw Neil Blender getting into a full car after a demo and told him if his board didn't fit in the car I would take it. I was eleven years old and I can still see that board flying at me in slow motion.

Favorite band/music? Jay-Z, Capone and Noriega, Mobb Deep, Main Flow… just 'cause I'm into the hardcore dirty street level ish, don't think you won't catch me rockin' some Prince or G&R.

Pets? We had a cat named Binky, AKA PUB, at our crib in LA; a sick Himalayan kitty. We had it for about a month before it just disappeared from our seventh floor apartment. Go figure, we think the pizza guy stole him.

Were your parents supportive of your skating? They didn't like me quitting school when I was sixteen to turn pro or moving to Cali when I was eighteen but they knew they couldn't really stop me so they didn't.

What would you be doing if you never started skating? Without a doubt I would be a professional gambler in the Sin City of Las Vegas.

Advice to fellow skateboarders? Careful when you lie to the cops about your name when you're getting tickets. Make sure your fake address and zip code match up or you might find yourself on your way to jail and three years probation… believe that!!!!!