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Robert Frost an American poet, some say the greatest American poet. We will examine the critics of his poetry, their response to his work. What makes Mr. Frost one of the best-loved American poets? We will also look at how the Academy of American Poets has to say of Mr. Frost. With all the evidence in, I am sure you will agree that Robert Frost is the greatest American Poet.

Mr. Frost had his first poem published in his school paper, in 1890. He went on to be published many more times before graduating with valedictory honors.1

Mr. Frost received his first honorary degree from Amherst College in 1918. Where he went on to teach English readings and poetry readings from 1923 - 1925.2

As many will agree, that Mr. Frost is one of the best American poets, if not the greatest of all time.

His works received many reviews early on in his career, like this review in Boston Evening Transcript on May 8, 1915.3 "The success which has immediately come to the poetry of Robert Frost is unique." Mr. Frost has mastered his unique style of poetry; his style was more appealing to read.

Robert Frost continued having interviews and articles written about him, throughout New England. An interview at his farm by The Boston Post on 14-February 1916, the author of the article states the Mr. Frost is one of America's finest poets.4

As we can see a trend building here, Mr. Frost was becoming one of the best loved and read poets of the early 1900's. By the 1920's has had several articles published and two collections of his poetry. By this time, Mr. Frost was the most celebrated poet of the time

Mr. Frost 1923 volume, New Hampshire earned him...