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On January 20 1985, at the Genesee Memorial Hospital, an extraordinary occurrence took place. A marvelous child was born, taking the name Bob. Bob lives with his loving family consisting of his mother, father, brother, and grandmother, all residing in the small town Caledonia New York.

When it comes to school, Bob generally enjoys it. His favorite subject is history, and his least favorite is Spanish. If Bob could change one thing about school, he would make it have more classes. He enjoys when teachers have review classes so he can further expand his knowledge, but dislikes when teachers assume things.

In his free time, Bob likes to play paintball with his fellow friends (his favorite color paintball is of course purple.) He also likes to play with his Playstation. When the weather is right, he hits the slopes and works on his stupendous snowboarding skills. Bob has his own money supply because he works at the local Jubilee, one of the best workers the store has ever seen.

Like everyone else, Bob has his likes and dislikes. His favorite food is fresh calzones, hot out of the oven. His favorite animal is mans best friend, the dog. He enjoys the works of the one and only J.R.R. Tolkien, making his favorite book The Hobbit and his favorite movie The Lord of the Rings. He enjoys watching football. He likes rock music. Bob's favorite color is purple. Although Bob is known for his great quality of not getting mad, his pet peeve is having his shirt getting tugged on for his attention.

Although Bob has been all the way to the beautiful land of Jamaica, his dream home would be located in Rio de Janeiro for a love of their inventions such as the thong. He would also be more than delighted to have met the famous Jim Morrison.

Bob is a very unique individual with a distinctive personality. He has great character and is a funny, outgoing person. There is obviously much more to Bob Seekins, more than words can describe.