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Democracy means "ruled by the people." In a democratic government, power comes from the people; America was founded on that principle. Obviously, America is too vast for every citizen to take active part in the Government, so America is more of a representative democracy than a direct one. Since Leaders are elected to represent the people, the United States can then be described as a republic. Since we live in a society in with the principle "Government by the people" hold true, everyone is free to vote in order to choose who might hold the most qualifications to be a leader. Another idea that is apart of America Democracy is that all people are of equal worth, even if not of of privacy is very important. With the Internet, computerized data banks, the right of of individuals to be free of intrusion into their private lives becomes a topic of concern.

Even though the constitution never specifically makes a right to privacy, the courts have recognized that a right of personal privacy, or even a guarantee of privacy to a certain extent, does exist in the constitution.

Due Process of Law

The fifth and fourteenth amendment provides for a due process of law. Due process of law is designed to protect an individual against the power of the state. In a nutshell it means, laws must be reasonable and laws must be administered in a fair manner.