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Poetry Project


Robert Creeley: Peculiar Relations

Robert C reeley in his poems often uses a common unnoticeable experience or object of the daily routine to reflect on what defines as humans through the different relationships we share with one another. Through these details of life which Creeley describes and analyzes, the reader realizes the importance of the attention we should give them but sometimes fail to do so; just as sometimes we fail to pay enough attention to the people beside us. This shows an opposition between objects which seem common, and relations which are not; Creeley defends relations' originality, singularity, and uniqueness.

Robert Creeley born in 1926 and deceased in 2005, is a mid-20 th century poet, writing mostly from 1951 until the late 1960s and belonging to the Black Mountain movement. He respects the founder's -Charles Orson- will to let go of the form of a poem in order to concentrate on its content. Creeley even declared: "form is never more than an extension of content" as his style of writing confirms his concern for the poem's breath rather than rhyme, meter and sense.


Creeley experiences the loss of his father and of his left eye before being five but is raised subsequently on a farm in West Acton, influencing him to write about relationships. He enters Harvard in 1943 but leaves without graduating in 1945 to serve in the American Field Service in India and Burma. Creeley returns to marry and launch -unsuccessfully- his own magazine in 1946; at this occasion, Creeley starts both writing poems and a correspondence with Charles Orson who later invites him to teach at Black Mountain College. Creeley eventually took his BA from Black Mountain College in 1955. In 1962, he first...