Was Robert E.Lee a Good Tactician?

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Robert E. Lee is a man of superb talents in militarism and the most celebrated general of the Confederate forces during the American Civil War. Lee was a key figure during the Civil war, participating in numerous battles that determined the outcome of the Confederacy. A man from Virginia, Robert E. Lee served his state with great devotion all his life. Even when he was outnumbered one to two, Robert E. Lee was able to become the victor of numerous battles by finding creative ways to maneuver his men in the face of the enemy. He was an ideal strategist and his decisions did lead to implications that can be seen today. His accomplishments have traveled through history as being unmatched by any other American General in history. Although the Confederacy lost the Civil War, Robert E. Lee is a great military general because of his superior military tactics that he demonstrated on the battlefield and on his men during the Civil War, which brought upon numerous victories.

During the Battle of Cold Harbor, Lee placed a defensive tactic for his men against approaching Union troops, which was a wise move because these defenses in central Virginia won him the battle and cost him considerably less casualties then the Union forces. Lee guessed the “Federals would drive west against the Richmond railroads, and on May 29 he assumed a defensive line along Totopotomoy Creek where his men spent all the following day constructing a strong line of fortifications.” Lee showed he was an impressive general here because he knew his men were outnumbered, like in most battles during the Civil war, so he put them against great defenses. The Union charged at his men numerous times and many died in the process as Lee had predicted. This superior tactic sheltered...