Robert Fost , his life, from birth to life influences.

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Robert Frost

Robert Lee Frost was born March 26, 1874, Robert was named after confederate general Robert E. Lee. Robert was born in San Francisco, California, where he lived until the age of 11(1). Robert is still known today as one of best known and loved poets of all time.

When Frost was 11 years old, his father died of tuberculosis. His Father would have been one of his first influences in his life, even though it was a short influence. William Frost, Robert's father was a Harvard graduate, and city editor of the San Francisco Daily Evening Post (2). This could of helped to inspire Robert as a writer.

Robert's mother Isabelle (Moodie) Frost then moved her family back to Massachusetts. His mother home schooled him for about 10 years; he was struck with nervous stomach pains every time he tried to return to school. Upon entering fifth grade, the family moved to New Hampshire, where his mother started teaching class.

Robert started to take a liking to school and applied to attend Lawrence High School. Making his mother an early and long part of his education, towards being a writer.

While attending Lawrence High School, Robert published his first poem in the Schools bulletin in April 1890. His works were published many more times before graduating with valedictory honors. From here, he went to Dartmouth College, only attending a short time, putting his writing on the side and teaching. This also did not last long with his love for writing he landed a job working as a reporter for the Lawrence Daily American and Sentinel.

At this time in his life, he married Elinor White, a former classmate of his; they had their first son, Elliot, in 1896. The couple went on to have six children. While...