Robert Frost

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Robert Frost

Thesis: Robert Frost's main influences for his poetry came from his experiences in life. He used his relationships, nature, and the religion that surrounded him and created many poems that have made him the recognized poet that he is today.


Robert Frost had many important relationships throughout his life that affected many of his choices as well as his poetry. In several of his relationships he suffered devastating losses including the death of his father, his mother, his sister, two of his children, and his wife. The loss of each of these important relationships influenced his career and affected poetry in a different way.

Robert Frost's relationship with his father, William Frost Jr., impacted Frost's life which in result affected his poetry. Frost's father was a journalist and a teacher that moved his family out to San Francisco to earn his fortune as a journalist (Poirier and Richardson).

His dreams of becoming wealthy didn't come true and he began gambling and drinking excessively. During this time Robert endured the sadness and abuse of an alcoholic father. Frost's father died from tuberculosis when he was eleven, leaving his family a huge financial burden (Poirier and Richardson). The death of Frost's father moved them to Massachusetts, where his father requested to be buried. The loss of William Frost Jr., had a startling effect upon Frost, who acquired his father's drive to make something of himself and his passion to excel in whatever he did (Eiermann 3). The journey to Massachusetts to bury his father would later be recalled as "the longest, loneliest train ride" he ever took, displaying the impact of the loss of a vital figure in Frost's childhood (Eiermann 3). But Frost would continue to seek the promise of the future in New England, where the knowledge...