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Robert Lee Frost was born on March 26,1879 in San Francisco. When his father died at age eleven his family moved to New England. While in high school this is were he first became interested in reading poetry. In 1895, he married Elinor Miriam White. In 1912 Robert Frost and his wife moved to England cause Robert thought he could concentrate more on his poetry. In England he was able to get published "A Boy's Will." When he returned back to the United States he was able to get "North of Boston" published also. He then moved to New Hampshire were he was able to write more poems about the things around him. Such as "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening" and "The Road Not Taken." He was able to get four of his book to receive the Pulitzer Prizes, they were New Hampshire in 1923, "Collected Poems" in 1930, "A Further Range" in 1936, and a "Witness Tree" in 1942.

Robert Lee Frost was an exceptional poet writer that will always be remembered. One of his major accomplishments was when he was asked by Jon F> Kennedy to read on of his poems in the adjuration. He read "The Gift Outright" A year later he died on January 29, 1963 at the age of 89.