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Themes on Robert Frost

Robert Frost was a poet who was born on March 26 in San Francisco, California. He was named after the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. He dropped out of school and was educated at home. He then re-attended high school when he moved to New Hampshire and graduated at the head of his class. He wrote his first poem in 1890. It was about Prescott's conquering of Mexico titled "La Noche Triste". He died shortly after January 29th 1963 and his ashes are buried in his families plot in Old Bennington, Vermont. His wonderfully poetry filled with imagery and messages are still loved to this day by many faithful readers.

His influences were mainly what he saw around him in nature. He said he heard voices talking to him sometimes and his mother says that he shares her gift of "second vision" and second sight".

He was often called insane by his peers and was actually in a mental institution in 1949 after Ezra Pound won the Bollingen Prize. He also often looked to nature for the influences of his poetry. Frost often makes references in his poems and titles them after nature and its beauty as you can see in some of his pieces titled, "A Patch of Old Snow", "The Earthward", and "A Dust of Snow". Living in a location like New Hampshire gave Frost many nature based ideas for his poems. Often they had to do with snow or the winter time. His use of imagery in explaining these situations gives the reader the feeling that they are in fact with Frost in the nature surroundings while he is narrating the poem. An example is in his poem titled, "A Patch of Old Snow" when he says:

There's a patch of old...