Robert Frost: A Hard Life, Biography and Reflection

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Among the brightest names in the vast and expansive collection of great American poetry, few individuals have attained the stature, widespread recognition, and distinguished position of Robert Frost. Even now, more than 40 years after his death in 1963, Frost is still remembered by many readers. Frost was born in a time period when indoor plumbing was thought to be impossible and then in his final years,according to Mr. Whitman, a science teacher at Cedar Key School he was able to see people in space.

Frost was born in San Francisco , California on March 26, 1874 (Frost, Robert 23). When Robert Frost was eleven, his father, William Prescott Frost, a journalist, died from tuberculosis. After the death of William Frost, his wife, Isabelle Moodie Frost packed up her family and moved for the first time to the town were her parents lived. Frost's senior year in high school was spent working with the school paper; he was the editor.

At the same time he fell in love with Elinor White,with whom he shared valedictorian status. They later married. Soon after high school, Frost attended Dartmouth College, but only for a few months. In 1894 Frost was published for the first time in a literary journal, The Independent(Frost, Robert 24). The poem was titled My Butterfly: An Elegy. Three years after high school, Frost proposed to Elinor White and married her soon after.(Frost, Robert 24). Now that Frost was responsible for Elinor's well-being he decided to take on two jobs. He taught and continued to farm. They had six children. The sons were Elliott (b.1896-d.1900) and Carol (b.1902-d.1940) and their daughters were Lesley (b.1899-d.?) Irma (b.1903-d.?), Marjorie (b.1905-d.1934), and Elinor Bettina (b.1907-d.1907) (

With the continuing hard times and a family to support Frost moved his family...