Robespierre describing his friend's life in Egypt and France.

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Dear Diary,

Today has been quite stressful. I had to look over my case before going to court tomorrow and suddenly realized that someone had stole the file from my office, and therefore the trial was postponed until next Thursday. I still don't know yet who had stolen my files, but I know that some people would change their opinion of viewing me as a shrewd lawyer.

Anyways, enough about the incident today. Let's go on to the positive events. As leader of the Committee of Public Safety, I have done so many helpful things to the society today. That, I am grateful for. Some people gave me the nickname of " the incorruptible " while enemies called me a tyrant! Those rascals, they should be careful of what they say.

I remember I used to have a friend, whose grandfather was African. He worked as a slave up in Egypt ( with no labor pay ), who helped with the building of the pyramids.

In my opinion, there should be no one who can force another individual to work for them as slaves. That is just nonsense. Therefore, slavery shall be abolished! I was conversing with sans-culottes and he as well, hated the old regime. However, my old friend from France is coming to live with me, because he hates it in France, as much as I do. I believe France is a very "murderous" place, for the only way they achieve liberty is by killing criminals. I mean, what if they are really innocent? Well, on the other hand, I need to go sleep and rest my body for all the walking I've done today. Until tomorrow, I shall further update you with more news.

Maximilien Robespierre