Robin Hood

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The movie Robin Hood is set in the twelfth century. A young nobleman returns home after six years of fighting in the crusades to find his home burned, his father murdered, and his servant blinded by the Sheriff of Nottingham. In a scuffle with the Sheriff's men, Robin kills three men and becomes a wanted man. Which sets into motion a story of love, heroism, bravery, and nobility. It is a classic tale of good versus evil, where the meek inherit the earth, and love conquers all. The young outlaw Robin robs the money intended for the Sheriff until finally the Sheriff and Robin confront each other in a battle to the death. In every film, the actors must be very talented in order to convey their characters emotions and experiences as though they were their own. Through the use of non-verbal communication such as facial expression and body movement the actor can send a perception of reality.

In movies such as this, when done properly, the characters interact with each other and the audience. The film itself is a channel both auditory and visual to the receiver, the audience. The director of the film communicates with the audience non-verbally thru the setting and the music to set the mood for the film. For example, during happy or joyous moments in the movie, the sun shines and vigorous music is played. Whenever there is a suspenseful moment dreary, spooky music is played to let the audience know that something is about to happen. In the movie, Robin Hood, the use of lighting and color also conveys whether the character is the villain or the hero. For example, the Sheriff is always passing through darkened rooms and his clothing is black. On the other hand, Robin and his men...