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We as humans always assume that we can do as we please, that there are not rules defining what we can and cannot do. We think this of all of the creatures that are placed on this earth. However, when we create something, we place defining rules upon it. In the book i, Robot, Isaac Asimov, gives a series of short stories relating to the creation, "life" and the evolution of robot kind. The robotss in his story are experimented with and changed, new things are put in when old one don't work, in fact the robots in his story are much like a pot that a child would throw things into and see how they turn out.

As children we want to experiment with things, whatever they be. That is the purpose of the juvenile mind. It is a curious mind, full of amazement with, "What happens when I do this?" This thought carries though childhood, though puberty, and even through adulthood.

The people who this applies to are most often scientists. The scientists in i, robot seem to be the people who as moppets, played with putting things together to see what they made. To these people, the robots in the book are just Tinker-Toys, which are very big and have positronic brains. The sponge that made up the brains in a concoction of platinum and iridium which make up a sponge. This sponge, made mostly by trial and error, and just throwing things into "pots" and seeing what it did.

Many children, when they find something they like, some food in the pot, stick with it, but they try to improve on it, putting sweet things into it. The robots, who are treated like pots, have one good thing. The one good thing that...