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Are robots going to take over the world and take the place of humans? Well it seems so. . . Robots are intended to do specific tasks. Recently over the years robots have been replacing human tasks and forcing large amounts of people out of work. These robots can travel places that humans cannot, places that are too hot, too far away, and too small. However, a field that can be improved in the robotics area is safety.

Everyday people are being killed at work because of poor and unsafe working conditions. According to the ILO (International Labour Organization) each day, an average of five-thousand people die as a result of work-related accidents. To prevent this, robots need to be improved to be able to work in various situations where the working conditions are poor and unsafe. Some of the unsafe working conditions include

jobs that are underground like mining, jobs in construction zones, astronauts working in outer space.

Underwater jobs like naval submarines, oceanographers, marine biologists, and military personnel are other examples of work that can be potentially dangerous.

People are risking their lives everyday at work. Road construction is a prime example of a hazardous work site where workers are often hit and killed by drivers who are speeding or drunk. Construction workers who work on building homes or larger structures risk having the frames collapse on them, or falling from heights when they are working. Frequently, we hear about pieces of brick or debris falling from buildings striking pedestrians, injuring them even causing death. Another example of hazardous work location is working underground; the structures underground that are holding up the mines collapse on the miners. Miners can be suffocated when the toxic fumes from the heavy intake of coal fills the mines.