Robots Will Never Experience Emotion

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Robots will never experience emotion no matter how complex the artificial intelligence is because they only follow commands and comply to the algorithm that is given to them. Robots can not and will not have the capacity to think like a human using common sense no matter how many neuronic processes is implemented into the system.

As society is advancing with technology, people are becomming more aware of the fact that robots will soon be a contributing part in society. Japan and America, two leading countries in Artificial intelligence, are creating robots for military purposes to reduce the number of casualties in times of war. What many people who dont understand the makings of a robot and it's artificial intelligence thinks robots have the capacity to emulate the behavour of humans. In all truthfullness, Robots will never have the ability to compare themselves to humans. Robots only follow commands inside thier algorithms and comply to the manner in which it's creator have made them to act upon.

A widely known movie called "The Bicentennial Man" have portrayed a robot of being capable of feeling emotion. Robots can only simulate and predict how to express themselves to show humans thier feeling, but they cannot physically feel it. The movie "Bicentennial Man" was a hoax to make society believe that robots can think for themselves, if this is so, then would robots of the future lead the world?. If a person was to badly treat a robot in a typical third world country manner, there would be no need for sympathy towards that robot as it cannot physically feel the pain of suffering, it may express it due to the artificial intelligence but that would only be a superficial expression.

If technology has the capability to create a machiene...