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The music genre of Rock, thought by some to be the devil's music, to me is an inspiration and it helps me deal with situations going on in my life. If you listen to Rock you know what I'm saying, but by most people who do not, they are so put in there ways of believing that anybody even listening to it is a devil worshipper, or some drug addict and is out casted because of what they listen to. That is totally arrogance and I for one am really serious about music and couldn't see living without it. First of all, all of my favorite bands do not ever comment on Satan or anything dealing with evilness in their lyrics. Secondly in modern Rock there aren't too many drugies in the music business, if they are it's in other genres that I don't care to talk about. For me it's not so much the lyrics of the song that can inspire me to do something, but also in how the guitarist hits the notes of his solo, or how the drummer leads them all in synchronization, or merely how the bassist wails away with his bass rhythm.

But in all it's how the music is presented and played that inspires me along with millions of fans around the world.

For bands like Creed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Candlebox, Queensrÿche, Live, and Silverchair, to name a few, the lyrics they write, the solos they play, the riffs they come up with and the feeling they get when they see 100,000 people cheer is something unbelievable. They play music not to persuade people into their beliefs, but more to express themselves and to put some hope into others lives that they might not have. Personally I have had many...