Rock and Roll Isn't The Same As it Used to be

Essay by roxy629 September 2006

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Rock music is definately not the same as it used to be. Rock music has changed a great deal from the sixties until now. Each decade had a different spin on rock music. You have Elvis in the sixties, which he is the king of rock. In the seventies there is a lot of bands such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix, etc. Even the eighties weren't too shabby, if you ask me. Today's rock is nothing like decades from the past.

Look at the decade we are in right now. What major bands come to your mind? I mean give me a break. Rock is declining at a rapid pace and it is really disappointing. Don't get me wrong,I love rock and roll music but one thing I don't like is the crappy bands of today's music. Seriously, when you consider how rock was in the in the past and then look at today's songs, you would defiantly agree with me.

One thing that bothers me about today's rock is that most bands just copy each other. I realize that new styles have formed throughout the years, but why do bands all try to imitate each other. Look at Creed, who is Creed? I'll tell you who they are; they are a want to be Pearl Jam group. Pearl Jam is a very successful band and they started the new alternative sound in a sense. It's pathetic to see bands mimic others. The band's that really piss me off these days are Good Charlotte and all those type bands. One day I was watching MTV and a Good Charlotte video was on and the head singer was dancing like he was in a rap video. Does this sound like rock to you? What happened to the...