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Rock music: Good or Bad? Rock music has been around for more than half the century and throughout its existence it has received much criticism. Almost everyone has heard the phrase ?rock music is evil? or ?rock and roll is the music of the devil? or something similar to that. Although a number of people would actually agree that rock music is immoral, wicked, and depraved, not many people are willing to actually try and prove it. Allan Bloom does mention the corruption of rock music in his essay, ?Music,? but he is more concerned about the influence that it has on the education of today?s youth. Professor Bloom makes an attempt to persuade his audience with the logical appeal but ends up focusing more on the emotional appeal.

His essay was written for an educated audience which is why the author is able to talk about some of the most ancient and respected educators and philosophers known in the scholarly world.

He talks about Socrates, Nietzche and Plato to make his essay appear more scholarly.

Bloom was a professor at the University of Chicago for many years and he has also written many books including The Closing of the American Mind which is where his essay, ?Music,? comes from, so one would expect him to know what he is talking about. That is not the case in this particular essay. He makes a very poor attempt to persuade the audience using the logical appeal. His argument is strong and there are a lot of people that would agree with him but his essay looses merit due to the lack of support for his claims.

He uses some statistical data to illustrate his point but sites no sources from which it came from. For example, on page 246 he makes...