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Main things that happened in Dwayne Johnson's (The Rock) life.

1. His Grandpa, Peter Mavia, died when Dwayne was only 8 years old. His Grandpa was a professional wrestler. He was Dwayne's mom's dad. They were very close they had lots of fun, in other words he was a pretty cool guy to hang with! 2. His family moved to Hawaii when he was 12 years old. He got into a lot of fights. Including one with a bunch of older kids that were 16 to 18 years old. His dad came the next day and at this time he was a professional wrestler and all the kids were scared out of their mind and they ran away from them and Rocky (Dwayne's dad) and Dwayne was never messed with again.

3. Dwayne was now in high school and he played on the varsity football team, and at the end of the football season he won the all American award for football.

He did the same thing his sophomore year next season!!! 4. He went to the University of Miami and he was a red-shirt for the football team, which means that he practices with the team at practice but he doesn't play games but when he graduates he gets one more year of football.

5. At the end of his football experience with the Hurricanes (name of the mascot for University of Miami), he went to the NFL draft but unfortunately he didn't get drafted so he went to Canada to play professional football there but he wasn't good enough so he was on the practice squad. And after about six to seven months he was cut from the practice squad, because they wanted someone who just got cut from the Jacksonville Jaguars. On his flight back home he decided that he was going to train for professional wrestling just like his grandpa and dad. He went on to train by his dad, and some of his dad's wrestling buddies.

6. Eventually he went to the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and signed a contract with Vince McMahan the owner of the WWF. Not very many people know this but his first year or two he went by Rocky Mavia. Then one night he was in the ring and he yelled in the microphone after he won a match and he said, "this isn't the last time you'll see The Rock, and from then on he has been known as The Rock. But before that happened he won his first mach ever in Madison Square Garden in 1997 and from then on the fans have respected him, liked him, and looked up to the man!!! 7. He is sill a professional wrestler but he also acts. He's in movies like "The Mummy Returns," and they're making a sequel to the part he played its called "The Scorpion."