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One of the greatest gifts that I ever received was an angel pin from my

grandmother. It was the Christmas of 1993 when she gave it to me, twelve months after

my aunt had died. To me, the pin represented my aunt watching over me and my family. I

have always thought of her as an angel because of her angelic voice. My grandmother died

seven months after that Christmas, and then the pin meant even more to me. Now I felt as

if I had two angels watching over me.

During my ninth grade year, I put the pin on my Fremont cheerleading jacket.

Sadly, during the middle of the year, I lost the pin. I was very angry at myself for losing

the pin. Every time I looked at it, it was a reminder of my aunt and grandmother. I almost

felt as if I lost them all over again.

This year for Christmas, I received a gift-certificate from my other grandmother to

the Bible Book Center. With the gift certificate, I bought a new Bible. It has detailed

maps, and other inspirational sayings in it. I got to pick out the best one for my needs as a

Christian. I name is inscripted on it along with a little dove. I liked this gift because my

grandmother was giving me the opportunity to grow spiritually and to know Christ better.


When I was a little girl, my parents would take me to church every Sunday in my

prettiest little lacey dresses. I have been a member of the First United Methodist Church

for over sixteen years. My mother has been a member of the same church for over forty

years, and my grandmother for even longer. I started to want to go to church and learn...