The Rocking Horse Winner

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The Rocking Horse Winner In D.H. Lawrence?s, ?The Rocking Horse Winner,? money is a symbol of the substitution of love and affection that Paul never received. Paul is a small autistic child that lives in a respectively nice house with his family. His mother explained to Paul that she and his father were unlucky, because ?if you?re lucky you have money?(Lawn 202). Paul?s explained to his mother that God told him that he was lucky; she paid no attention to his assertion. Paul?s ?luck? was based on escaping upstairs to his rocking horse and riding it vigorously until he could predict the winning horses at the track. The rocking horse symbolizes how Paul?s imagination can make things reality.

Because Paul was autistic all of his moods and feelings were only truly seen in his eyes. ? And his eyes were blue fire?(Lawn 205). Paul was definitely not sane. He claimed that the house would utter the phrase ?There must be more money!?(Lawn 201).

So Paul would continue to predict the winners and go to the track with his uncle, Oscar, and the gardener, Basset. However, no matter what amount of money he won, the house would only yell more at him to get more money. Paul didn?t want his mother to know he was lucky, so he had his Uncle take the money to a lawyer to set up a system so Paul?s Mother would get money each birthday. But this wasn?t good enough, after she received the first check she went to the lawyer to see if she could get it all. The Uncle asked if Paul would let her. ? Oh, let her have it, then!?(Lawn 209).

Two nights before the big Derby there was a party in town that Paul?s parents were attending when all...