Rockstar Energy Drink Marketing Plan

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Rockstar Energy Drink was founded by Russell Goldencloud Weiner, a doctor of nutritional enthomedicine, according to the Rockstar website. His parents, two renowned herbalists, helped to produce the Rockstar formulations. Today, three formulas of Rockstar are on the market: Original, Cola, and Diet. The original formula was first launched in 2001, making the company only 4 years old. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the trendiest locales of the United States, lending to the edgy "Rockstar" image. To enhance their image, Rockstar's catchy slogan is "Party like a Rockstar". The Rockstar company is not publicly traded, but in some states is distributed by Dr. Pepper. Recently, Rockstar has teamed up with Coca-Cola Consolidated (CCBCC), Coca-Cola's second largest distributor, as another means to distribute the popular drink. Rockstar is an industry innovator; by first introducing a 16oz sized can it has differentiated itself from typical energy drinks which come in an 8-8.4oz

"slimcan". One of Rockstar's exclusive key ingredients, milk thistle, is a liver-protectant, detoxifier, and serves as a treatment for depression, as well as a hangover remedy. Red Bull, dominating the market share, is in store for some heavy competition against the up-and-coming Rockstar.


A. Market Potential, Industry Sales, and Forecasts

The energy drink industry is growing quickly, and it doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. The growth of energy drinks can be attributed to their trendy image, convenience and multiple uses. Energy drinks can be used as mixers at clubs and bars or as coffee substitutes. According to Information Resources Inc., the energy drink dollar sales in 2004 increased 54 percent from the previous year, with unit sales up 31 percent. Although its indirect competitors, such as sports drinks or teas, have higher...