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Lauren Farnsworth reading Rocky I have lived through some pretty funny animal stories but I think my favorite story is the one about Rocky.

Rocky is a Pitbull, a very large Pitbull! One day while I was walking Rocky with my cousin a cat came out of the woods. We pulled Rocky over and told him to sit. We didn't want him to get in a fight with a cat. The cat started getting a little closer. Rocky still sitting down, kind of dragged himself on his butt backwards to get away from the cat. The cat was getting closer and it started to hiss at Rocky. Rocky lay down and put his paw over his eye like he was scared. Then Rocky got up and ran away. The cat was chasing him and so were we! I couldn't believe that Rocky, a very large dog, could be so afraid of this tiny cat. We couldn't catch up to Rocky because he was such a fast dog. He kept looking back to see if the cat was chasing him and sure enough the cat would not give up! We were a little scared we didn't know if Rocky would trample someone or if he would get run over. When we ran past my cousin's house she hurried inside to get her other dog Sophie. Sophie is a good dog and loves to play with rocky. So she thought that if she let Sophie go she would scare away the cat by jumping on Rocky. But guess what? The cat started to chase both of them! They were two scared dogs being chased by a cat! Now we were in trouble! We got in the car and drove up beside them. We called their names...