Roemeo And Juliet

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How to get to Romeo and Juliet Website Step one: First you must be connected to you Internet through you phone line or cable. Once connected click on the browser you use to search for things on the Internet. For an example Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator are some of the browsers that on your computer.

Step two: Click on you web address bar that is located on the top of your screen and highlight the part where you can enter a web address in.

Step three: Once highlighted, hit the delete button until that white bar is clear and you can enter in a webpage. Enter in and hit the enter key.

Step four: When you get on the website type in Romeo and Juliet in the search engine bar. Your index should already be on the search engine bar when you get on the web site.

Step five: When the websites are shown, count down from the first website they give you to the fourth website. In the description of the website there is green line of words that read That is your website you go on.

Step six: Click on he blue line of words that read Romeo & Juliet and then your on the webpage.