The Rogerian Theory

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It is no secret that the most need for funding both from the government and the states in public schools are for those schools that serve the less fortunate students for the most part. I really do not like to use the term and label less fortunate students as being "poor". This is what they are in school for is because they need to get an education so that they can make a better life for themselves to prepare them for adulthood and better care for their own families when and if they so choose to have their own families. It really makes no sense to me to put a label on any student as they are all there for the same reason and that is get equal treatment and good, quality education. Many of these students attend the smaller schools that are located in the rural areas but some also attend urban schools in bigger areas.

This is where the who makes the most money game gets put into play. Those that make the most money are treated far better than those that come from families that struggle and live on week to week incomes, and in some cases have disabled parents that get government funds or even live on state programs such as snap and whatever else they can get from the government because they need the help. Still, this should have no impact on the education a child receives or the treatment they get from going to public schooling. 1

Funding for public education comes from several different resources. The lowest portion of those resources comes from the local community taxes in which they are located. People see this all the time on television and on their ballots when they vote. Schools are always asking to pass...