The role of the Balkans in inciting the First World War

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James Desindes H&G/The Bosnian Crisis and the Balkan Warsfor the 19/11/14

The role of the Balkans in inciting the First World War:

The Balkans played an important role in encouraging the First World War since it has always been a concern for Britain, France, Russia and Germany. Surely because of the eastern Peninsula's interesting geographic location, it is located among the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Black Sea and Aegean. This naval passage from East Europe to West Europe was a strategic point that caused involvement on its occupation, increasing pressure on local countries and on the rest of Europe. The Balkans poor political organization concludes in the growth of Serbian Nationalism and later the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a group of Serbian/Bosnian terrorists, probably what provoked WW1.

Being an important strategic point and having an important economy brings the Balkans to the center of interest of Europe. The Balkans's will was to self-rule and to mount a vengeance for the possession of its ground by the Ottoman Empire.

The Balkans had always been ruled by the Turkish until they became weak enough for the Balkan states to be able to free themselves and be independent. With the help of Russia the Balkans start spreading nationalism all across its states, this revolution defeats Turkey and helps Serbia expand its territory. The Balkans become more powerful and so does the nationalism.

The Balkans will then create an "alliance" in 1912 known as the Balkan League. Knowing that the Turks were suffering from the Turkish Revolution the Balkans felt that it was the best moment to have their revenge. So in October 1912 the Balkan league attacks the Turks, this is the beginning of the Balkan Wars. The Balkans defeat the Turkish Empire and the Balkan states are becoming to...