The role of Black Slavery in the United States and its progression. The resistance. The underground railroad to Canada.

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Slavery played a central role in the history of the United States. It existed in all the English mainland colonies and came to dominate agricultural production in the states from Maryland south. Slaves were brought from many places but most slaves were brought to the United States from Africa. According to Bennett "Most of the Negro slaves came from an area bordering a 3000 mile stretch on the West Coast of Africa." (1997). Many Negroes, in the 16th and 17th centuries who were also brought back from Africa for their skills in growing different types of crops. English settlers started to own slaves after there was a shortage in their labor force, but they weren't the only ones because Spain had also brought slaves to Mexico. According to Henry "The English settlers of North America only gradually turned to black slavery to solve their labor shortage. Spain brought at least 100,000 Africans to Mexico during the 16th century, but England did not extensively engage in the slave trade until the Royal African Company was established in 1663."


When a Negro was taken from his or her home, to become a slave, they had to be fully examined, including their limbs, body, and health. Then those who were healthy enough were marked with a company name. According to Bennett "the surgeons examine every part of everyone of them, to the smallest member, men and women being all stark naked. Such as are allowed good and sound are set on one side and the others by themselves. 'Slaves so rejected are there called Macrons: being above 35 years of age, or defective in their limbs, eyes or teeth, or grown gray, or have the venereal disease, or any other imperfection. These being so set aside, each of the others, which have...