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As we all know, computers can be found everywhere these days. They have changed the way we think, live and study, etc. The fact that computers have made incredible changes to our society, makes them very special invention. Although they might be only as important as other inventions such as electricity, airplanes, etc, it is their ability to be programmed to perform an amazing variety of tasks distinguishes computers from all the other inventions. Computers are playing an effective role in different fields such as Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics, High Definition Television (HDTV), Video Games and other social sciences. However, just like any other invention and new technology, computers have their own issues and problems. Rosenberg (1997) claims that there are two ways to discuss social issues arising from the increasing use of computers:

By categorization. Each major application area is studied and the particular problems identified and characterized.

To propose a list of areas of social concern or potential problems.

Then explore each application to determine whether it exemplifies one or more of those problems.

Computers have affected the life of so many people by taking their job. The reason for this matter is that it is cheaper and easier to use a computer for doing a job rather than using humans. Computers can work faster, longer and more accurate. They only need a little bit of attention (e.g. monthly repair) to get the job done, whereas humans need food, energy, a good stage of mind and physical ability. According to Rowe (1988), occupations can be divided into three basic groups:

Occupations that will hardly be affected at all: farm laborers, trawlermen, general laborers, top management, leisure employee.

Occupations that will be minimally affected: security and protection specialists, professional staffs, catering, hairdressing and other personal services, education, health and...