The Role of Edward Teller in the Development of Physics

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"What we should have learned is that the world is small, that peace is important and that cooperation in science ... could contribute to peace. Nuclear weapons, in a peaceful world, will have a limited importance." (Teller, 1968)One of the most significant scientists in our century is Dr. Edward Teller who holds the distinction of being distinguished as the “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb.” People will not be familiar with his name but the effect of what brought about the Hiroshima bombing has been more popular to many. It is my intention that in this paper, I will present his role in furthering the development of Physics (Goodchild, 2004).

Teller belongs to the group of one the most brilliant physicists in the world. He was born in the year 1908 at Budapest, Hungary. He is a trained chemical engineer who attended the University of Leipzig in Germany where he received his Ph.

D in physics under the tutelage of the famous physicist Werner Heisenberg. The love for science was due to the fascination by the enormous progress being made in physics at that time made famous by notable personages such as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr and Heisenberg. He has been an advocate of Quantum Mechanics where most the many problems at that time was applied and solved in this light. Likewise, it was known that even though he has immersed himself with spectroscopy and chemical physics in his early training, Teller has made significant contributions to such various fields that include astrophysics, nuclear physics, plasma physics, and statistical mechanics. His work has shaped the nature of nuclear physics study and has left a permanent impression on that field. His wide-range of interest and persistent approach to research in many other fields not only in nuclear physics has inspired generations...