The role of father; The Bicycle Thief, Life is Beautiful and Father of the Bride

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He is some one that seems larger than life, someone who is there for advice and support, someone with a sense of authority and superiority, he is a father. The family has been long used as a foundation for many films. Themes such as happiness, tragedy, love and friendships can be portrayed through the family. The father is an important role within the family unit, normally the provider, the head of the household or the stern supporter of morals and values. The following paper will discuss the role of the father in three films, "The Bicycle Thief" directed by, Vittorio De Sica, "Life is beautiful" directed by and starring Roberto Benigni and "Father of the Bride" directed by, Charles Shyer. In each movie the father is the pivotal character upon which the story is built. While each focuses on the father the image that he portrays is similar yet different based on circumstances, such as time and place.

Given an honorary Oscar in 1949, "The Bicycle Thief" was Vittorio De Sica's third film as director and earned him recognition through this neorealism tale. The film is set in post war Italy during a time of great hardship. The sense of social burdens are first felt in the opening scene when there is a mob of men waiting to find out if they have got a job. The main character, Ricci is instantly presented with a problem when he needs a bicycle in order to accept the job. The duty of a father is expressed when he tells his wife, Maria that without a bicycle he will have to wait weeks, even months to be offered another job. As an attempt to salvage their lives Maria, strips their bed sheets to pawn for a bicycle. His bike...