Role of higher education in rural development

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Role of higher education in

rural development

Kamlesh Kumar Patel

Research Scholar MGCGV Chitrakoot


The real India live in villages. As more than half of the population of the country

lives in villages, rural development is an eminent factor for the development of our

economy. The crucial motivating factor for the development of the economy in

today's time is education. Like in the body of human being liver is responsible for

the proper functioning of the body, in the same way education acts a backbone for

the economy. To explore this significant role of higher education in India

especially in rural India. Higher education is the backbone of the modern society.

It has the power to transform human beings into human resources. Along with

primary and secondary education, higher education is also an instrument to build

future generation. In India majority of the higher educational institutions are urban

centric. Even most of the higher educational institutions in rural India lack quality.

As a result of that rural population are deprived. Under certain circumstances it is

seen that gross enrolment ratio is very poor in these rural areas. The situation is

even worse for female population in regard to gross enrolment ratio. The

paper highlights all these key issues and tries to find out the problems that the rural

population is suffering in regard to education. Along with that the paper tries to

find out possible remedies to overcome those barriers.


Education is one of the most powerful instrument for reducing poverty and

inequality of society. Education is the key to enhance India's competitiveness in

the global economy. Therefore ensuring access to quality education for all, in

particular for the poor and rural population, is central to the economic and social

development. The rapid expansion of higher education system...