The Role of History The horrendous September 11th suicide attacks

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The Role of History The horrendous September 11th suicide attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, which killed thousands of people, are not easily forgotten. It is impossible to just scrape it off from one?s mind, because the vivid ?live? images that a television delivered to audiences that day have been incredibly powerful. It has definitely forced citizens of America to understand and view the reality a bit more keenly. This event indeed will mark another chapter in the history books and perpetually be remembered and learned about. Unlike America, where the general level of historical knowledge is astonishingly low (Bernard, Para.3), in the Islamic world, history is presented and fed to Muslims ever since they were children. Apparently the whole Islamic nation is shaped by their history and even now they are constantly being nurtured with their history from ?the pulpit, by the schools, and by the media? (Bernard, Para.3).

As history is delivered and preached in such a matter, the influence that it can deliver to people could be enormous. Perhaps it can bring together as a whole nation and form an indestructible bond, or it could possibly provoke the spirit of the citizens, when they sense a slight trespass or a possible attempt of alteration and change on their beliefs that they value immensely. There are three significant reasons why the Islamic world is so furious towards the West; especially America: The numerous defeats and the suffering of the Islam nations in the past decades have ignited the fire of hatred; Influence of other religions, especially Christianity, are endeavoring to pollute the Islamic world where the purity is gradually broken and destroyed, and finally a Tightly sealed relationship between the US and Israel is immensely irritating and incensing the Middle Easterners.

One of the defeats...