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The purpose of this paper is to identify the roles that each team member will play within the marketing firm, First Class Marketing. Sonya Jefferson is the Administrative Assistant, Gary Halliburton is the Graphic Artist, Jessica Reynolds is the Accountant, Christina Chick and Lorraine Bowleg are the Marketing Executives.

As Marketing Administrative Assistant, Sonya provides secretarial and administrative support to the Marketing Executive. This support includes: coordinating division's marketing meetings, participate in the development of marketing plans for each meeting, create and maintain a marketing production schedule in coordination with Communications staff, ensure implementation of the entire marketing plan including monitoring of deadlines of all contributors, develop assigned marketing copy, copy edit and merge copy from other contributors, research and acquire external mailing lists and e-lists, participate in the development of marketing budgets, monitor direct expenses to ensure they are accurate and within budget projections and maintain marketing files.

Sonya also prepares correspondence, minutes and reports, responds to routine requests for information from customers and staff, schedules and organizes conference calls and meeting arrangements. Sonya has over ten years of secretarial/administrative experience including advertising production, scheduling, copy writing, proofreading, written and oral communications, knowledge of strategic marketing/promotional planning and evaluation. Sonya is proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Web page design/navigation. She is also familiar with graphic design and print layout.

Gary's creativity, critical thinking, and software background will enable our company to assess the graphic design needs of our clients and create the perfect corporate image for each customer. The aspects of Gary's education, which will help him to be an integral part of our team, are the marketing courses he was required to take for his degree plan. While these courses were completed at a local community college before transferring to the...