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Dimarucut, Yra Mariel B.

III- AB English

Language & Culture

The Role of Language in Culture

Language is used to communicate with people or it is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols by which members of a social group cooperate. And, Communication is one of the most important aspects of our everyday activity. In fact, most things we do are directly or indirectly connected with communication. It is the one tool man employ in nearly all his activities- in hunting, selling, buying, working, and playing. We learn or provide information, ideas, views, stories, give or follow instructions, requests or commands, express feelings, emotions and etc.

Culture may be understood as a comprehensive view of history. It encompasses politics, economics, social history, philosophy, science, and technology, education, the arts, religion and customs, which can be studied either as they have developed over a long period of time, or as they are or were at a given point in time.

It includes the spiritual aspect of a society, embracing its ideological, artistic, and religious trends. It may also be understood as a picture of everyday life, including everyday activities and entertainment, clothing, fashions, living conditions, family and social relations, customs, beliefs, morality, acceptable patterns of behaviour and rituals. Social consciousness, which is expressed in the language of events and processes, institutions and organizations, social values and artistic creativity, are also part of culture expressed in the language. It is seemingly permanent, yet constantly changing reality which is ever present to all individuals belonging to the same cultural group.

A good command of the English language will keep anyone abreast of the times. It will enable him to join the stream of world culture to take part in the discoveries and inventions of modern science; it will make him more completely a...