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A manager's role is to lead his/her organization to a clearly stated objective ( Mission Statement ). In doing so he/she must channel all his resources in a precise and organized way to work toward those goals

The meaning of the word 'Manager' or 'Management'

A Manager is a person with administrative power or control

i.e.: manager of an actor or Manager of an international football team.

A Manager is a person who gets people to do what is wanted, when it's

wanted, the way it's wanted because THEY want to do it ( Evans ). This basically indicates the skill of getting people 'willingly' do designated work/tasks.

A Manager is the supervisor of people/employees.

A Manager is a person whose job it is to identify restrictions on their output and remove them in order to get the task in hand done more efficiently.

Ensures that work standards are applied e.g.:

a Production Line.

A Manager is an individual that has any role in an organisation where

The occupant is authorised to get part of his/her work done through subordinates for whose work he/she remains wholly responsible for ( Evans )

A Manger is a person who manages a business or organisation

or institution.

Management is the process of getting things done efficiently and effectively, through and with other people. Efficiently is doing the given tasks right and to the correct and expected standards - inputs and outputs. Effectively means doing the correct tasks and achieving the desired results/goals.

Management is the act, manner or the practice of managing and controlling something i.e.: business, budgets, and people.

Management is the process of achieving objectives within a changing environment by having the correct balance of efficiency and effectiveness. It is also being able to obtain the most from available...