Role of Media

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Running Head: ROLE OF MEDIA

Role of Media


Role of Media

Different countries have different regulations and laws. In China, the media are under the control of government and serve for the government. They are called government's 'throats' and 'tones', which means media speak for the government. It is still a long way to go for Chinese media to realize the media public sphere. In western countries, the media system seems more democratic.

On one hand the media reports will find out the problems in the society, give advises to the governments and help the governments make progress in order to provide for the citizens better services. In this sense, the media are tools for the public to benefit themselves. On the other hand, media have to be influenced by the governmental activities so that media become the ruling methods of the governments.

Economic factor also influences the contents of media. Audiences do have needs from media. The media programs have to concern audience needs if they want to earn profits. The media must "respond in a competitive market-place to what people want, and express their views and interests" (Curran, 2000: p.129). As a result, the privately owned broadcasting system speaks for people (Curran, 2000). The state-owned media has less pressure from the market because a large amount of their economic supports are from the governments. Almost all the traditional media in China are owned by the government so they speak for the government. However, a new regulation that aimed at bringing the industry in line with a shift towards a free market economy was put in place in China at the end of 2003 that the newspapers "must be financially independent from central government" (BBC News Online, 2003, ref 3).