The Role of Medicine Today

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The use of medicine since a time long forgotten by us has allowed humanity to evolve to its present state. Ancient man learned to use nature to patch wounds he received in his excruciatingly hard life. Even as our ancestors learned these ways, they encountered new strife within their own lives which they needed to overcome. Working by trial and error, they experimented with new herbs and plants and worked out, over many years, how to successfully treat their sick and hurt fellows.

As time moved on and conditions changed, as man evolved and explored his other talents, the now growing number of people on the Earth meant that they were now faced with greater challenges, involving greater risk. As voyages of discovery and wars of conquest took place alongside great feats of human labor, civilizations all over the globe saw that inevitable risk playing upon their people. As voyagers traveled for years to quench their curiosity, the cramped conditions onboard ships and their decade's long journeys over land meant that they endured much hardship and pain.

The millions who died and countless others wounded in territorial wars over the centuries meant that some mode of care for them would be needed which would be more effective that that already present.

Rigorous research was undertaken by scientists to develop new ways to quickly heal people who had contracted ailments and wounds. Yet before the world could realize it, other medical maladies attacked its people; epidemics of gargantuan proportions such as the black plague, malaria and the 'pox's among others.

This was a wake-up call. Whereas in the past people sought to cure something when it actually posed a threat, the scientists of the New World, for the past few centuries, strove to develop medical procedures which were based on...