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Role Models Did you ever wonder what a role model should be to their fans? Any person can be a role model to someone in anyway. Why are there role models, everyone says just be yourself. People need someone to look up to sometimes. A lot of kids don't have any one to look up to. A lot of kids if they have no one, just look up to there favorite sports star or a fatherly figure(Good Sports 3). For example, Michael Jordan is loved and respected by many. Role models have been around since the beginning of time.

Role models inspire young kids to do some amazing things. Most kids have a role model when they are younger. They try to do everything their role model does. Have you ever seen athletes on Television saying stay in school or don't do drugs or violence. That's because they are looked at and respected by different people.

Having a good role model will help kids stay out of trouble. Maybe rather than smoking or doing drugs a kid will pick up a ball and try it out. What ever a role model will do most likely is what a child will try to do. A lot of role models had bad childhood's and don't want to have anyone else go through what they have gone through when they were younger so they send out a message and try to help out kids in the position that they were once in. It is absolutely amazing how much athletes reach kids.

Boys aren't the only one with same sex role models. In the early 1900's girls weren't expected to have girl role models. A lot of girls believe it or not looked up to guy role models. You see girls wearing guys...