The role of nonmainstream area

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Unbelievable advancement of science and technology brings not only convenience in life but also spare time concomitant with high diversification in human needs. Mainstream areas cannot always fulfill these diversified needs of contemporary people. While most human beings who are benefit from it naturally have a firm belief in the mainstream areas which they can't like without.

Now that mainstream areas is not enough to satisfy diversified needs, people sometimes find a peace in nonmainstream areas. It is a custom of long standing in Korea, the "Four Pillars" (the year, month, day and hour of one's birth) which are supposed to influence one's fortune. Though people might think that it lacks a persuasive logic, Cafés where fortune-telling is conducted based on astrology or four pillars are popular in Korea. Even scientists and engineers who are considered as most reasonable try it without hesitation. Although people do not believe such things wholly.

Those things have been giving peace to people in modern society.

Also, mainstream areas are dependent on many factors in the society like area, region, gender, and period. Astrology, fortune-telling, and psychic was also mainstream area in ancient dynasty of china which there were government officials whose job is fortune-telling with astrology. Even some ministers of ancient china are versed in astrology. And, people in undeveloped society have different mainstream areas than us. Even if it might be classified as nonmainstream for us, it also fulfils them. Also, in the modern subjects which regarded as science like physics, biology and economics could face the change of mainstream. Although mainstream area's in this field generally more persuasive, it is very difficult to conclude it as an immutable law. It's not always true that mainstream theories are definitely right. Communism which is not a mainstream is still...