The role of Organizing in Critical Thinking

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The Role of Organizing in Critical Thinking

The role of organizing in critical thinking is necessary in processing information that we receive on a daily basis. Without organization, there would be confusion within the everyday thought process. Organization takes all of the valid points produced while critically thinking and presents those thoughts in a pattern that is easily understood. In this paper I will detail the importance of the role of organization in critical thinking and include the following points: origins of order, nature and mental orders, steps in organizing and using the orders. (G.R. Kirby & J. R. Goodpaster 1999 p.119)

The origins of order can be described by the way our brain is prepared to receive and store sensory data, and then to process and interpret the data in the manner of language. One can think of the brain as a machine that processes information in the natural order of the universe.

The four natural orders are-topical, analogical, chronological, and casual. Topical can be described as things in the world that have their natural place like, if I drop a brick off a building it will fall to the ground. Analogical order relates to the similarity between two objects, like cars and trucks and the connection between cat and dog. Chronological order is change that occurs with time like, when you get home from work you check your messages, take out the dog, prepare dinner. Casual order looks for the reasoning behind a certain action and the changes it brings. (G.R. Kirby & J. R. Goodpaster 1999 p.120-9)

Steps in organizing are to cluster, analyze, and prioritize information. To cluster is to take the subject and describe it using words that are similar to the subject matter. Once that step is complete label the cluster in different...