The Role Of Our American Government

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Government is defined as authoritative control or a system of governing. As a nationwide rule, in an autocratic, democratic or dictatorship style governments they all have the same common meaning and that is to rule over citizens under the power by the ruling citizens and the political parties. A governments goals are the will to fight to preserve its rule from foreign and domestic competitors or foes. Being based on the wants and needs of the party and the people associated, They have laws, laws that are set up to tax citizens and develop a working force and militia for a specific society and to establish penalties for anyone who would violate such laws of the existing government.

"Government authority is like a leadership form of society organizing itself as a person or group of people." These people act in favor of those who placed the leadership upon them, either as an inheritance, family position, an election, or a nomination.

"Educators are now beginning to recognize the change in our social fabric from autocratic relationships of superior/inferior, to ones that are based more on democratic relationships among equals. To many, democracy means the freedom of choice to do as one pleases" The least complicated form of power is that of the basic family system. A family system is a single family head over all the other affiliates. The family judges and balances all the families needs and necessities based on the means of the family and its capacity. In the common instances, the head is one of the family elders who has the knowledge and wisdom about most stuff involveing the family. The head acts as the top executive of the family and anyone linked with to whom by either marriage or other agreements.

"In a government it is...