The role of outsiders bring their knowledge and experience to that field of study"

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In the era of rapid change, studies once regarded as independent are lively interacting, while each study is too specialized to understand thoroughly for others who have not been involved in the subject. On one hand, valuable studies never known before are found as interdisciplinary researches become flourish. On the other hand, even the researchers could not often perceive other topics of same subject like researchers of irrelevant study. Consequently, researchers had better have a generous mind to accept wisdom of outsiders. Since the border among studies is now getting vague.

It is already common to utilize tools from outsider's experience. Though conventional biologists mainly took an experiment on laboratory, contemporary biologists are working with super computer in cooperate with computer engineers recently. It's widely known as bioinformatics regarded as new horizon of gene research. For humanities, scope of research is sometimes limited to make use of scientific methods. And the facts that the destination of lots of winners of math contest is Wall Street obviously explains that math and statistics are essential tools for economics and management.

extraneous tools could be taken even more important role than traditional heritage of the studies.

Wisdom of outsiders is not restrained to a role of tool. interdisciplinary researches becomes more and more widespread in university. library and information science which was circumscribed in studies related to library has been broaden to almost everything about information which includes gathering, expressing, even searching it. It is usual that electronical engineers and mathematicians are working together in research groups of data communication, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and medical doctors are working in a robotics lab. controversial stem cell research is also result of cooperation of veterinary science and medical science. thus, different point of view could make researches mature and broaden the scope.

It is...