Role Playing Online Marketing Plan for Jester's Playhouse

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Role Playing Online Marketing Plan for Jester's Playhouse

Executive Summary

The Jester's Playhouse in Northfield, NJ offers comic books and various forms of gaming including roll play games, board games, card games and online play. Its customer base includes players of any age but focuses mostly on customers between the ranges of 15 and 22 years old. In the Northfield/Atlantic City area there are no known businesses that provide the same types of services/products as the Jester's Playhouse does. The only known competitor closed its business after the 2008 holiday season.

The online gaming industry has grown extensively across the United States, as well as through the rest of the world. Research has shown that in 2006 online game playing subscribers spent close to 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. Video gaming offers a range of exciting interactive experiences which appeals to the businesses current target market.

Although online gaming has a large appeal, there are some drawbacks especially when people play at home. One of the reasons is the fear that if young adults are online without supervision, they could fall prey to online predators. Along those same lines is the fear that personal information can be accessed when playing online including credit card information used to purchase online subscriptions and upgrades. Finally, sitting alone while playing online might generate the sense of loneliness.

In this market plan we will address how playing online at the Jester's Playhouse can alleviate these issues. We will also explore other ways to promote and grow the online business at the Jester's Playhouse, in order to make it a profitable line of business.

Situation Analysis

Currently, the Jester's Playhouse has 12 LAN (Local Area Network) PC stations as well as a room with a large projection screen where...