"Role Reversal"

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Performing Gender

Role reversal gave the opportunity to four people (two females, two males) to experience these transformations on their own. Ary Nunez, Tye Macke, Ryan Taylin, and Starla Muraska volunteer their time to do such a insightful event. There was a struggle for all of these individuals when it came to some mental or physical transformation. Ary was in tears when it came to cutting her hair. The things that females connect to their femininity is their hair, boobs, and uterus. Since the only visible aspect of their femininity is their hair, I can see why Ary was so upset. Starla seem pretty comfortable about the hair cut. She even mentioned that she was often confuse for a man at times in her life. Later on in the show Starla wanted to change her hair cut to better fit her character. After the unusual parts of the change it was easier for the females to transform into their male counterparts.

Starla grew to like and conform into a marry male role. She even went into interacting and conversing with some men to better her character of them. Ary on the other hand kept to herself. Her view that she voice and tried to imitate of the male sex kind of offended Ryan. In the end she seem like she just wanted to prove to her female friends that she could handle being a male.

The physical aspect of the males changing to females was a little disconcerting. Ryan had to get a full body wax, I know that had to hurt. They had to wear a special covering for their genitals and had to tuck them in a crevice just to keep them from showing. When it came to coming up with the female counterpart...